Royal Thai Cuisine

Southern Utah

A1. Royal Lettuce wraps
Marinated minced chicken, tofu, mushrooms, onions served with iceberg lettuce & tempura sauce.
A2. Fresh Basil Rolls (8 pcs)
Rice papers stuffed with lettuce, carrots, cilantro, shrimps, basil leaves served with plum sauce & peanuts
A3. Crab rolls (4 rolls)
Crispy egg roll skin wrapped imitation crab & cheese stick served with sweet & sour sauce
A4. Egg Rolls (4 rolls)
Crispy veggie rolls served with sweet & sour sauce
A5. Crispy Tofu
Deep fried soft tofu served with sweet & sour sauce & peanuts
A6. Chicken Satay (4 Skewers)
Grilled marinated chicken served with peanut sauce & cucumber salad
A7. Dumpling (8 pcs)
Steamed or deep fried, Dumpling skin wrapped ground chicken with mix veggies served with tempura sauce
A8. Shrimp Tempura (6 pcs)
A9. Veggies Tempura
S4. Tom Yum
The most famous Thai hot & sour soup with mushroom, spiced with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves topped with cilantro
S5. Tom Kha
The aromatic mild & delicious creamy coconut soup with the elusive flavor of galangal, lemongrass, mushroom, kaffir lime leaves topped with cilantro
S6. Wonton Soup
Wonton skin stuffed with chicken, carrots, snow peas, and napa cabbages in veggie broth
S1. Steak Saladspice
Slice grilled medium rare beef tossed with onions, parche dry cchili, carrots, tomatoes in special lime dressing
S2. Yum Woon Senspice
The luscious flavor of cellphane noodles, shrimps, calamari, minced chicken tossed with red onion, cilantro in special lime dressing
S3. Papaya Saladspice
Shredded green papaya tossed with tomatos, carrots, peanut, lime sauce, chili and fish sauce
M1. Spicy Basilspice
Sautéed with minced garlic, fresh chili, onions, bell peppers & sweet Basil leaves.
M2. Garlic Delight
Sautéed with garlic & pepper with steamed Broccoli
M3. Cashew nutspice
Sautéd with cashew nuts, bell peppers, onions, carrots, chili, snow peas and mushrooms
M4. Ginger
Sauté with fresh ginger, mushrooms, carrots, bell peppers, onions and celery
M5. Sweet & Sour
Sautéed with pineapple, bell peppers, onions and tomatoes
M6. Veggie Delight
Sautéed with assorted vegetables.
M7. Eggplantspice
Sautéed eggplant with fresh chili, minced garlic, bell peppers and sweet basils
M8. Broccoli
Sautéed broccoli with carrots, minced garlic
C1. Red Curryspice
Simmered in red curry paste in coconut milk withbamboo shoots, bell peppers, peas & carrots and sweet basil
C2. Yellow Curry
Simmered in yellow curry paste in coconut milk with Potatoes, carrots and onions.
C3. Green Curryspice
Simmered in green curry paaste in coconut milk with bamboo shoots, bell peppers, peas & carrots and sweet Basil
C4. Panang Curryspice
Simmered in rich red panang curry paste in coconut milk with bell peppers, peas & carrots, sweet basil and kaffir lime leaves
C5. Massaman Curry
Simmered in coconut milk, peanuts, potatoes, onions
H1. Royal VIP Duckspice
Crispy duck simmered in red curry, tomatoes, bell peppers, pineapples and basil leaves
H2. Basil Duckspice
Crispy duck sautéed with minced garlic, fresh chili, onions bell peppers and basil leaves
H3. Terriyaki
Grilled chicken, steamed carrots, cabbage and snow peas tossed with teriyaki sauce
H4. Tangerine Chicken
Crispy chicken Topped with tangerine sauce
H5. Crispy Fish
Deep fried filet fish. Served with sweet chili sauce with chopped onions & bell peppers
H6. Choo Chee Salmonspice
Salmon simmered in thick curry sauce with bell peppers and kaffir lime leaves
H7. Nam Sodspice
Ground chicken, peanut, fresh ginger, lime juice, chili topped with cilantro
H8. BBQ Chicken
Marinated chicken with thai herbs topped with thai sweet sauce
H9. Larbspice
Ground chicken with chili and lime juice topped with cilantro
R1. Royal Fried Rice
Pan fried chicken, prok, beef, shrimps with egg, onions, tomatoes, peas & carrots
R2. Pineapple Rice
Pan fried with egg, onions, peas & carrots, pineapple, raisin, cashew nut and curry powder
R3. Spicy Fried Ricespice
Pan fried with egg, basil leaves and onions
R4. Fried Rice
Pan fried with egg, onions, tomatoes and peas & carrots
N1. Pad Thai
Flavorful pan fried rice noodles with tofu, bean sprouts, egg, green onions and ground peanuts
N2. Pad See-Ew
Thai Classic pan fried flat rice noodles with egg, broccoli, carrots, seasoned with sweet dark soy sauce
N3. Pad Woon Sen
Sautéed with cellophane noodles, mushrooms, carrots, bell peppers, egg, celery and onions
N4. Lad Nar
Pan fried flat noodles topped in special brown gravy sauce with egg, broccoli and carrots
N5. Drunken Noodlespice
Flat rice noodle stir fried with fresh chili and minced garlic, tomatoes, bell peppers, carots, egg and basil leaves, seasoned with dark soy sauce
N6. Thai Chow Mein
Pan fried egg noodle with bean sprouts, carrots, onions and celery
N7. Noodle Soup
Rice noodle soup with bean sprouts and cilantro
  1. 01 White Rice $2.00
  2. 02 Brown Rice $2.00
  3. 03 Sticky Rice $3.00
  4. 04 Peanut Sauce $2.00
  5. 05 Cucumber Salad $3.00
  6. 06 Green Solad with Honey dressing $4.50
  1. D1 Sticky Rice with mango $6.95
  2. D2 Fried Banana $4.95
  1. B1 Thai Ice Tea $2.50
  2. B2 Thai Ice Coffee $2.50
  3. B3 Hot Tea $2.00
  4. B4 Hot Coffee $2.00
  5. B5 Ice Tea $2.50
  6. B6 Lemonade $2.50
  7. B7 Soft drinks $2.50
  8. (Coke, Diet coke, sprite, Dr pepper.) $2.50
  1. Chardonnay $7.00
  2. Merlot $7.00
  3. Plum wine $7.00
  4. (bottle $28)
  5. Singha, Sapporo $4.50
  1. Spicy Basil
  2. Sweet & Sour
  3. Garlic Delight
  4. Cashew Nut
  5. Veggie Delight
  6. Ginger
  7. Broccoli
  8. Eggplant
  9. Pad Thai
  10. Drunken Noodle
  11. Thai Fried Rice
  12. Yellow Curry
  13. Red Curry
  14. Green Curry
  15. Panang Curry
  16. Basil Salmon